November 3, 2009

Halloween Happenings

My landlord loves Halloween, and since I moved in, has made some.....interesting spooky setups for our front porch. (skeleton on a bicycle, skeleton on a motorcycle) This year we had a skeleton on a toilet, and a ghoulish dummy flanked by a devilish skeleton.

The dummy's head spun around via a button hidden behind a curtain, which was great for some scares! (We made at least 2 toddlers cry! Woo!) I also made the "garland" hanging from the porch ceiling - I picked up some lace curtains from the thrift store and cut them into strips, them sewed them all together onto heavy white ribbon - they were great blowing in the breeze - next year I'd like to make something with black lace!!

Instead of a full costume, I decided to make us masks - I used this project from Martha Stewart as inspiration, but altered it a bit - smaller, distinctive beaks, and I could only find simple 99 cent masks. I wanted them to look like crows, so I used black and grey streamers. They came out pretty cute for being made an hour before showtime! And only $7 in materials!

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