November 24, 2009

Red Jet Internet

Before I check out for the holiday - here are some new destinations on the internet!

My apt as home inspiration on Jenn Ski's studio blog, yay! An awesome illustrator and blogger, I must say - another to my read list.

How did I miss this one - BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW - good design with a heavy sprinling of...certain colors.

And another! Grey - I'm starting to get into reading more blogs with fashion mixed in - take a break from the usual suspects.

New blog run by some friends of mine - BOSTAWESOME - FREE events in the Boston area, lots or art, food, music.....stuff for people cooler than me.

Free Fonts that don't suck, Toot! Toot! Font Squirrel. (See D they are smarter - you don't see Dolphins doling out fonty goodness)

Plywerk - An easier way to frame? Artwork mounted on sustainable panels - I'm curious about this one, need to try.

Recyclart - an inspiration site for good products that are made from re-cycling, re-using, and up-cycling. Some really fun stuff here - Thanks for the link Joe!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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