November 20, 2009

Stylist Me!

I mentioned a few posts back that I got to try my hand at being a stylist - well, I can finally share the project! I had the chance to be the stylist for the Fall 2010 Saucony Originals catalog! Woo!

I'm exceeding lucky to have a great group of creative friends who like to share work with each other, all of us throwing work to each other when we can. So special thanks to Momo for recommending me as a stylist, and to Darryl for agreeing! Momo Shinzawa is my fantastic photographer friend that I often blog about, and Darryl Norsen is a Graphic Designer for Saucony.

We had a full day shoot at my house and locations around my neighborhood, Jamaica Plain. Prior to the shoot, I met with Momo and the Darryl to plan a shotlist and discuss the theme of the shoot. We based the shoot on a "day in the life" idea, with curated vignettes for each shoe model, and some additional atmosphere shots.

I love the finished catalog, and am super happy to have participated. Here are a few pages from the catalog:

UPDATE! Ooops - I wasn't supposed to post the catalog! The new shoes are still top secret! I have been given permission to post the lifestyle shots, though.

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