March 31, 2009


More Ways to Waste Time has an excellent, in-depth article posted about Steampunk Style. Good Reading!

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Hey Hey 200k!

On Saturday afternoon - my 1993 Honda Accord reached 200,000 miles!! Magical! Wondrous! And - I was coming down a mountain in eastern Mass - on a lovely, warm afternoon. I wish I could claim credit for all of those many miles, but I am the third owner of the 'da. Here's hoping for another 100,000 you dirty, leaky, noisy, radio-less, disaster of a car!

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March 27, 2009

Pickle Nose & Wiggy Smokes

It's been a busy, tiring week and I'm so happy it's Friday. Here's some pre-weekend silliness!

I've been scanning home decor images from craft and DIY books for my Sixties & Seventies Decor Archive Set on Flickr, and I had to share these two unbelievably creepy images of kids:

What is this crazy dress up scenario? I have no words....

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March 24, 2009

Got my Rug!

Yay! I snapped up this wool entry rug from The Company Store, on sale at a great price $25!! I've been leery of wool rugs, since I brought home 2 from Ikea which shed unbelievably - literally just disintegrated - it was a mess.

I think I'm okay with this rug, it's knotted, not tufted, so I think there will be a lot less shedding. And the cats really dig it - maybe they can small the sheep?

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March 22, 2009

Got my Print!

I'm happy to say I received my Christopher David Ryan print and it is hung up in my studio, and looks fantastic. EXCEPT for the cheap-ass temporary frame I have it in. I'm hoping to find a nice used frame soon, and get it out of the plexiglass!

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Weekend Scores

I had a little luck this weekend, and found a vintage Dansk (iron? i think, it's heavy) candelabra for $4, and a medium gray Kartell waste bin, for $5 that is perfect as an umbrella holder. Away with the broken upright brass ashtray that I was using for my expanding umbrella collection!

I also found 2 wood 8x10 frames, the perfect excuse to get some prints from etsy.

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March 16, 2009

New Shopping

I haven't gotten up to many blog-worthy activities lately, but over the weekend, I did check out a new thrift store and antique store.

Thrift Shop of Boston
This is small thrift store in Roslindale - I didn't find anything to buy, but they had a few MCM pieces of furniture. I thought the price tags were a bit high, considering the condition issues. I'll probably drop back to see what they've got, but definitely not a regular haunt. (Oh, and cash only).

Felton Antiques
A friend brought me out to Waltham to check out the two antique stores on Felton Street in Waltham - I really enjoyed the shop downstairs - Downstairs at Felton Antiques, I found a few things to buy, and plenty of of interesting, wallet-emptying finds. Everyone working there was super nice and very knowledgeable. The shop upstairs was a bit more stuffy, they won't let you carry a purse or a bag, and I got asked if I needed anything way too many times - worried I was stealing?? Both shops had a very eclectic selection, with a small amount of MCM mixed in.

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March 10, 2009

Old Couch/New Couch Idea

This appeared in the Letters section of the Jan/Feb 09 issue of This Old House magazine, and I think it is an awesome idea! Seriously - some stain or poly, add some pillows or cushions.......

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March 6, 2009

Shopping: Victorian Trading Company

While searching for a bedside water carafe, I found Victorian Trading Company, and some surprisingly fun items, that have some industrial/victorian charm:

Goblet Candles - entirely wax! $4

Adorable Strawberry baskets 6 for $15

Bulldog bottle opener

Clothes Dryer $39

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March 5, 2009

Blog Back: The Brick House

Google pointed me to The Brick House blog, published by the lovely Morgan (? I think) - who has amazing taste in thrifted furniture, and an artfully decorated "cement brick house in the middle of retirement hell" - check it out!

Thanks for the add to the blogroll!!

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March 4, 2009

Your Rail-y Got Me

The process of cleaning up and organizing my work room has forced me to get rid of a lot of useless items, and to cleverly organize. One dilemma was where to keep my rolls of wrapping paper and other long, tubular items - I had been keeping them in a waste can on the floor, but I want to keep things off of the floor as much as possible.


In my bedroom I had been using 2 Ikea BYGEL rails to store and display my bags and purses, but I decided to take it down as it was too cluttery looking... but mounted on the wall over the chair rail, the rail is a perfect place to store rolls and other long awkward things!

The only limitation is the depth of the rail, the BYGEL sticks out 2 inches, so that limits the diameter of the rolls, but something like the Ikea PERISKOP mounted over the Ikea STRIPA both at 31" wide and about 3" deep would achieve the same effect.

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March 2, 2009

More Seventies Love

I just added some more swanky seventies interior images to my Flickr Set, here are two that I particularly like.

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My Weekend Project: Two More Chairs!

I spent the weekend recovering these 2 steel vintage office chairs from the 60s. The swivel chair is marked "Harter" and the standard chair is marked "Package Machinery Company" with a number. It has the classic steelcase lines, but I can't be sure. I'm delightfully happy with how the crisp white vinyl contrasts against the worn steel.

What's frustrating is the sad vinyl color choices that JoAnn's has - dull, dreary browns, navy, and muddy oranges and reds. I need to spend more time hunting down other vinyl sources - I can order the really good pricey stuff from work, but I'd like something in between.

First I removed the seats, backs and arms (super easy, these chairs are made to come apart, just a few screws!) then I scrubbed them down with rags and warm water with a little anti-bacterial cleaner, and waxed the frames with paste wax to polish, shine, and protect the aged areas. For the upholstery, I used the existing pieces to mark and cut new backs and arm sections. I kept the original foam as it was in good shape, and stapled the new vinyl in place. The swivel seat was a bit more tricky, as folding the corners would have looked messy - I used my sewing machine to make simple boxed corners for a neater appearance. Re-assembly was a snap!

Cost: $5 per chair, and $30 on vinyl!

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