April 29, 2009

Newfangle Oldfangle

I've never been much of a clothes person, I just have never really had the knack, honestly. I do however, think about trying to dress a bit more nattily. someday.

I'm not interested in fashion blogs that are focused on the runways, couture, trends, or on the fringe fashion folks, but I'm really getting into these few blogs - mostly crafted around an appreciation for authentic personal styles. Really great reads, with links to plenty more out there.

I read a lot of design/decor blogs, and it's refreshing to get inspired by clothing - a lot of what I see on these blogs is what I want my home to feel like, if that makes any sense...

(apologies to the blog owners for such a half-assed description) O! and thanks to D for pointing me to A Continuous Lean!

A Continuous Lean

Archival Clothing


Backyard Bill

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April 28, 2009

Keep Calm and Cut it Out

I had to post this - I keep seeing this design and its offspring everywhere.................

"Aren't we all sick of this yet?" courtesy of Olly Moss.

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April 23, 2009

Bento Bonanza!

I just got my new bento lunch box, and I love it! I got a large size because I bring my breakfast and an afternoon snack as well as lunch, and it works great, and looks cute! It does take a bit of planning in the morning, but I'm happy to stop carrying around a mess of tupperware containers, and to stop washing so many of them all the time.

There are a lot of bento and tiffins out there to choose from, and apparently, quite a bento enthusiast community.

My box is made by Vivo, and comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, I found the largest selection on Amazon, but they are also sold by other online retailers. Amazon also has a lot of stainless steel tiffins for sale, including the To-Go Ware 3-tier which I really liked, but it was too small for me. I really wanted to get away from plastic (my box is melamine) but I couldn't find one that would work, without having to carry some other container - and I really wanted to just carry the bento box. (And yes - I checked melamine is safe as long as you don't microwave it.)

World Market also has a few tiffins for only $10.

This lunchbox was also a contender, because it looks so snazzy, but the shape wasn't right for me, and I don't need to carry a water bottle.

Check out:

Lunch in a Box great all around bento website
Flickr bento group yummy pics!
Just Bento recipes and methods
Bento Wiki

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April 22, 2009

Roller Derby

On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with friends at Roller Derby!! The Boston Derby Dames teams were awesome, and we had a lot of fun. It really got interesting once we understood the rules - go lead jammer! My favorite dames were "Sugar Hits" and "Sheryl Crowbar".

What could be better than beer, junk food, and high stakes roller action? not much! I really recommend going if you live in Boston, for $14 we had a great time.

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April 16, 2009

Friday Inspiration: Sol Lewitt

I had the opportunity to see the Sol Lewitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective at MassMoCA a few weeks ago, and it was fantastic! shapes! color! line! precision! woo!

I could have lingered in the space the entire day, so much to of my favorites was Wall Drawing 46. Vertical lines, not straight, not touching, covering the wall evenly, which came to life as you got closer and closer - many people walked right by it! (image 3)

I was also blown away by Wall Drawing 51. All architectural points connected by straight lines, which is different each time it is drawn, depending on the space it's installed in. This would be a fantastic idea to replicate at home with a snap chalk line! (image 5)

So many of his ideas can be interpreted on a smaller scale in a home, using paint, pens, markers, etc.

From MassMoCA's website: "LeWitt—who stressed the idea behind his work over its execution—is widely regarded as one of the leading exponents of Minimalism and Conceptual art, and is known primarily for his deceptively simple geometric structures and architecturally scaled wall drawings. His experiments with the latter commenced in 1968 and were considered radical, in part because this new form of drawing was purposely temporal and often executed not just by LeWitt but also by other artists and students whom he invited to assist him in the installation of his artworks.

Each wall drawing begins as a set of instructions or simple diagram to be followed in executing the work. As the exhibition makes clear, these straightforward instructions yield an astonishing—and stunningly beautiful—variety of work that is at once simple and highly complex, rigorous and sensual. The drawings in the exhibition range from layers of straight lines meticulously drawn in black graphite pencil lead, to rows of delicately rendered wavy lines in colored pencil; from bold black-and-white geometric forms, to bright planes in acrylic paint arranged like the panels of a folding screen; from sensuous drawings created by dozens of layers of transparent washes, to a tangle of vibratory orange lines on a green wall, and much more. Forms may appear to be flat, to recede in space, or to project into the viewer’s space, while others meld to the structure of the wall itself."

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April 15, 2009

On Unpluggd

I almost missed this - my living room was part of an Unplggd post in using Ikea PS cabinets as media centers.

One of the commenters stated "My problem with the PS is that, for a media center, how do you use it with the components and remotes? Theoretically it could "go" through the vents, but it definitely does not work that way. My friend has the PS and just has to keep the doors open when she's watching TV."

I open the right side door when watching TV, and the left side is DVD storage and the Wii. I've never minded opening and closing the doors - I dislike looking at the ugly black components inside, it's such a cleaner look to able to hide the equipment and wires.

Read it here: Apartment Therapy Unplggd: Ikea PS Hunting, Part Two

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April 8, 2009

Blog Back: Stones

Via Google Alerts - my living room was featured on 4/5/09 on Stones, a tumblr blog curated by a Brazilian designer, Roney Lacerda.

Quite a mix of art, design, diy, fashion and everything in between.

Thanks, Roney!

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April 7, 2009

Movie Home: Brainstorm 1983

One of the perks of visiting my Dad in upstate NY is Big Lots - a shopping guilty pleasure of mine. The $3 DVD bin coughed up this treasure from my childhood: Brainstorm

I'm fairly sure this movie didn't do that well at the time, but I remember watching it whenever it was on, and I swear to god - it was because I was fascinated with their house - it had a pool....INDOORS! right next to the LIVING ROOM!

I was so jealous! There are less shots of the house than I remember (or imagined), but the pool has stuck with me - honestly, if I was designing my own house, I would try to do this. So Awesome.

The other shots are of the "futuristic" lab building that super genius Christopher Walken works in.

Also interesting - this was Natalie Woods last movie before she died.

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April 3, 2009

Inspiration Friday

Sometimes when I'm bored or having trouble falling asleep, I work on designing my imaginary dream house, and it looks pretty much like this house. sigh.

I bookmarked this article in October 2007, and I keep coming back to it - I love the materials, the multi-stepped layout, sunken tubs, pool area, and well....everything.

You can read the full article here:

photography by Hester + Hardaway

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April 1, 2009

Ikea sees the light! and the shade!

FINALLY! Ikea is carrying a lamp shade that will work with normal lamp harps! I was there last night, and got to check these out - it's a nicely designed simple soft white shade that's part of the new JONSBO lamps/shade series. 14" x 9" and only $10 bucks!

I was always so frustrated with Ikea's proprietary lamp/shade system, sure you could try to jerry-rig them to fit typical lamps, but it would never really look right. Hopefully this will be a successful line, with more colors and sizes in the future!

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