November 18, 2010

Tokyo Three

Thursday was hair cut day! The salon we went to was awesome - I had a shampoo, neck/head massage, cut, second wash and blow dry. My hair is now shoulder length and about 5 pounds lighter!

We then headed to the Ebisu and Daikanyama neighborhoods to wander around and shop. There were a ton of cute design shops and cafes mixed with private homes. Almost European in flavor, with lots of unusual architecture!

Next we took a train to Shimokitazawa, a crazy maze of narrow streets with less expensive shops and restaurants and bars! We shopped some more and had a lovely vegetarian dinner. M tells me this is a popular place for teenagers to hang out - sort of a big outdoor mall.

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Tokyo Two

On Wednesday we went to the seaside Enoshima area. During the summer it is a popular surfing and beach destination. It's funny how beach towns are similar all over the world - junk food, souvenir shops, and beach gear! We had lunch on an island just off the shore, and visited a shrine.

This is the view from the shrine back towards the shore.

Next we boarded the Enoden train, which wove through the seaside neighborhoods (somtimes within feet of people's homes) to see the Kamakura temple with the big budda!

On the way home, we had dinner under Tokyo Station - REAL ramen! I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but I was hungry and it was so delicious! So you'll just have to imagine this bowl full of fresh noodles, tender pork, bamboo shoots, and nori - all floating in a soy sauce based broth that I could start drinking daily!

In between all these stops, we are shopping and snacking!

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November 16, 2010

Tokyo One

Okay, so let me begin by showing the view from where we are staying - I am awed each and everytime I look out the window. Tokyo is BIG and DENSE. To the right is the bay and ocean, and the view on the other side of the building is the Imperial Palace and downtown. We are in the Tsukishima neighborhood, and wonderfully close to everything.

Yesterday we went to Hama-rikyu gardens and had tea and confections tea-ceremony style (with help from handy tourist instructions) and then walked around the Roppongi area and did some shopping. Unfortunately, most store do not allow photographs!

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November 10, 2010

Going to Tokyo!

So I've really disappeared for a while, haven't I? Honestly, I just didn't have too much to say, and was just out enjoying spending time with friends, and working hard.

HOWEVER! I will soon be posting again, because I am headed to Tokyo with 2 close friends for 2 WEEKS! So expect plenty of posts! Probably about shopping...maybe some culture. Ha ha.

(posted above is the shared Google map of the places we want to see - crazy!)

Mata Ne!

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October 7, 2010

grayskyes jewelry

Just wanted to share a friend's Etsy shop, she makes amazing, hip hip stuff! I'm loving "01" made from vintage silk!

Check it out! - grayskyes

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October 6, 2010

Sewing Retro

I haven't had too much to blog about lately, and have been a neglectful blogger. NE-GLECT-FUL. But I have been keeping busy, and have started to sew again, with the hopes of adding to my pitiful wardrobe. (So far I've made two basic A-line skirts, of which I am very proud of, since they actually fit me and don't look terribly homemade.)

Inspired by the many awesome vintage pattern sewing projects happening over at Sew Retro, I'm trying my hand at this awesome 80s pattern I picked up a a thrift store last summer.

It may make me look like a giant stupid cupcake, but so what! at least I'll have learned how to properly assemble a dress. I'm in the muslin stage now, and so far the design of the pattern seem fairly forgiving, as it's not as fitted as most vintage dresses, and there's elastic involved! The pleats are kind of a bitch, though. Wish me luck!

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September 24, 2010

Mystery Roar at the Middle East

I'll be at the Middle East tonight for theMystery Roar show - you should come too! You'll like it, I promise!

Buy tix here or at the door!

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September 16, 2010

Recent RJW on decor8

So I was cruising the blogs and was fixated on this image from dottie angel included in a Greens, Blues, and Yellows post over on decor8 - it's so pretty without being over styled. I think I want my bedroom to be like this, but with a gray/white/black palette.

Then bonus on the scroll down! The Jet's livingroom! nice.

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September 15, 2010

Thrift Scores

Even though I haven't spent that much time on house projects this summer, I still have been thrifting, I never stop thrifting.

Here are some of my latest acquisitions; wood arrows, (I need more of these for an idea, but they are mucho $$$) Precious Moments bisque doll heads, (yes - you read that correctly) a giant plastic scalloped lamp shade thing, a lovely wooden spool, another hand cut paper silhouette of a lady with an earring, and a slightly rusty reproduction Spanish sword.

(I've been a little obsessed with swords since I was little, too many fantasy movies!!! I had my Dad make me one, and he made me this like, full size sword from plywood and I could barely lift it, but it was awesome and I am sad I didn't keep it.)

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September 6, 2010

Just some recent photos

I took these for the CB2 Selby contest, but entered waaay too late.

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New Nightstand!

Normally, I'm not an advocate pf painting vintage furniture, but when it's pretty beat up and cheaply made to begin with, it can be the best way to go. I picked up this nightstand for $10 bucks because of the cute little drawer and nice details. A few coats of white semi-gloss water based enamel, and I have an adorable new nightstand that matches my white painted dresser. (I also added some cute fabric for the drawer liner and a new white ceramic knob.)

I'm not going to go through all the steps - painting furniture is fairly intuitive, but I do have two tips: Before painting use denatured alcohol to remove dust and grime - it works great and evaporates quickly so the wood won't be damp for painting. Secondly, if you're like me and want to put stuff on dry - but NOT cured painted surfaces, just put a piece of wax paper down first, then remove in a few weeks when the paint is fully cured. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to pick up a book that's been fused to the paint!

Now I need a cuter alarm clock!

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August 18, 2010

Started Supplying to SVPPLY

Awesome! I just got my invite from SVPPLY, and I'm already adding stuff for you to spend your hipster dollars on!

Check out my picks on my SVPPLY page!

Blogger is not letting me comment right now for some reason!

Mari - I think I am going to submit - what the heck, right? How are you??????

Caitlin - I got mine by requesting it on the website - it took a while so be patient. They also post invites on their twitter account, and sometimes other bloggers give away invites, but they go FAST! good luck!

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August 12, 2010

Cloud Formations

I loved Earth Science in high school, especially the sections on rocks and the earth's crust and the weather! I used to be able to tell you the different names of cloud formations, but sadly I don't remember them now, which made me want to get a cloud formation print!

Here's what I could scare up:

Cloud Formations Small Print: terrain

The Ten Primary Cloud Formations: Etsy

Cloud Formation and Precipitation at an Occluded Front: All Posters

A Pictorial Guide to the correlation between emotions and cloud formations: Shannon May

1890 Clouds: Ebay

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July 27, 2010


I'm obsessed with this image. O.B.Sessed. Can you imagine a giant 4' high print of this hanging in my living room? Because I can!

How can I make it happen.........

"star princess" by Jeremy Kohm

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July 20, 2010

My Little Flor Experiment Gets Some Press

After four days of camping in the pouring rain and blistering sun in Brimfield, it's super nice to accidentally discover my Flor project on both Apartment Therapy and Craftzine while google searching for a sconce at work - does anyone know where to find these Sofie Refer fixtures? ha ha ha!

Thank you internet!

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July 13, 2010

Redneck TV

I don't know if it's retirement, or living in the boonies in upstate NY, but I'm starting to question my dear father's sanity - this is what greeted me when I arrived to spend the weekend. When I ask what it is, he tells me it's his "Redneck TV".

It's a portable fire pit that he can drag in front of the deck that he made with a friend of his from scrap metal and an oil tank. I wish I had shot it with something for scale, because it's BIG - he has to use the 4 wheeler to move it. What do you think, should he get a patent??

Apologies to any rednecks out there - no offense, dudes.

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July 7, 2010

"Retro Fit" Renovation Style

Renovation Style is not usually a magazine I normally read, but working for an architecture/interior design firm means I get to peruse tons of magazines without subscribing! I flipped through this month's issue and immediately stopped at this kitchen remodel.

Some of it isn't my taste (window treatments, marble tile, counter stools) but I love the custom range hood, sink, under sink cabinet, retro appliances, and butcher block island. It's so cozy and white! white! white! white!

Sometimes I'm surprised by my inner traditionalist, in my imaginary house that I design and revise in my head - I have a 40's kitchen in my 60s interior, all inside a Victorian exterior! (makes sense to me!)

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