January 26, 2010


"It doesn't matter whether you're Mrs. Dollar Sign or Mrs. Penny Pincher, unless you have a little flair for doing things, your house is going to be just a so-so house. Even Mrs. Dollar Sign, who can afford the best fabrics and furniture, needs to put her own taste signature on her choice of color, accessories, and placement of furniture or she's going to end up with a room that belongs to somebody else.

The dictionary say that "flair" is "talent, aptitude, keen perception." I say it's the little things that you do to make ordinary things into something special - or that little touch that transforms an everyday idea into a very special thing. It might be only hanging a picture lower that anybody else, or using large red bandana handkerchiefs in unusual ways - as mats for pictures, as napkins, or as tie-backs for white kitchen curtains.

Flair is sort of undefinable, but if you have it or can acquire it, it's more valuable than money. So don't despair if you have to worry over your budget, try a spot of flair!"

This is so sweet!, thanks, Dorothy!

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