January 20, 2010


Oh what joy to find a copy of Dorothy Draper's 1965 book "365 Shortcuts to Home Decorating". I'm a sucker for any vintage home decorating book, and even without any photography, these "shortcuts" are just so darling, that I had to get it.

Read more about Dorothy here.

The first in a new weekly feature on RJW - shortcut #92:

#92: "When all the hunting gear is on display in the sporting goods stores, it seems like a good time to talk about duck decoys. And I'm not going to suggest that you arise at dawn and freeze to death in a duck blind, so don't get nervous.

What do you use duck decoys for? The make a lamp that is a conversation piece in a man's room or family room. As a planter base they look right at home with marshy-type plants. As book ends they lend a certain love-of-nature look to a desk or table.

A friend of mine who has a great variety of hunter friends has them all around her house. Two large black ones nestle on the right-hand side of the hearth in the dining room. One natural colored duck graces the left-hand side of the mantel in the gun room, while a white and black wide-backed type with a turquoise beak holds papers in place in the back of him on a shelf overlooking the checkered-covered bunk in the same room.

Too, they may be used in a covy as a wall decoration. And if you don't happen to take to their wooden shapes, there are large paintings of attractive duck decoys. You don't need a gun to go hunting for a duck decoy for your house this fall. Just shop around!"

Thanks, Dorothy!

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