January 13, 2010

Thrifted at the Chartiable Heart - Reluctantly

On Saturday , a friend and I headed out for a little thrift store/antique shopping. First we stopped at Charitable Heart Thrift Store in Natck, MA. I picked up these lovely wood candle sticks - aren't they just super dang cute!?

HOWEVER! Buying them was not so cute. This is really the worst thrift store I have ever been to. I usually try to stay away from being negative on this blog, but I was so annoyed by the place that I need to vent. Stepping inside I was initially excited - they have TONS of stock, so much that it's in piles spilling out everywhere, but I will give them credit that is organized by type. There is some good stuff here, and the staff knows where nearly everything is, and can direct you to it (and give you a lengthy bogus explanation of it's supposed value).

But the PRICES!!! Holy Cow, I've never seen such ridiculous, inconsistent overpricing! There were many things that I was interested in, but no way would I pay such high prices. I did buy the candle sticks - they knocked off $5 which was nice, but I really will never go there again. The woman working there made it a point to tell me that some of the proceeds go to charity, and maybe I'm a scrooge, but I don't see how that justifies the inflated prices.

To me, thrift stores are places where used goods get sold at a minimal prices to keep it out of landfills and to help folks with lower incomes find what they need primarily, and a place for people like me to source possible valuable, design-y objects secondly. And yes, I'll admit I'm always hoping to find a deal, a designer piece for a steal, but I also look for practical items for daily use, like wine glasses, staplers, clothing - happy that I can reuse something rather than going out and buying something new. I guess the reason I was so offended by this place was that most of their over priced stock was going to sit there collecting dust, instead of being put to good use.

whew! that was a bit of a rant wasn't it! How do you feel about thrift store pricing?

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