February 19, 2010


"Do you have a knack with knick-knacks? They are also known as accessories and without them a room has that cold, unlived-in look that you find in the model homes that are on view to a house-hunting public.

The stores are brimming over with suggestions and here are a few that I saw on a shopping trip the other day:

Colonial hurricane sconces with glass globes and golden brass mountings, hanging shelves or collector's racks, a series of antique musical prints, a peg rack which is a pine rack with four pegs to hold mugs, hats, or what you will, a collection of horse brasses, a spice rack with a drawer, porcelain floral switch plates, authentic tavern signs, cherry-framed silhouettes, fireside broom and long-handled decorated dust pan, Federal eagle bookends, shiny brass waste baskets.

I was fascinated by a pair of "flying cherubs" to hold back draperies or to clip onto a picture. They were made of white china and each had a metal clip in back, also a set of French wall cherubs (must be cherub season) with golden wings. For cat lovers I saw a pair of Siamese cat panels with a Chinese signature which would help fill an empty wall space or look attractive over a bed.

Apothecary jars filled with soap tablets would add color to any bathroom, whil floral shower-curtain blossoms topped with crystal clear plastic holders to add a breath of spring to your shower curtain.

Mosaic ashtrays, desk sets, spoon racks, chair pads, wall brackets. Take your pick, but do think of some of these as suggestions when you want to "humanize" your home with knick-knacks!"

Cherub Season Indeed! Thanks, Dorothy!

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