February 10, 2010


"Have you ever walked into a room that was so jumping with ideas the whole effect became just a conglomerate blur? Nothing stood out for your acclaim because everything cried at once, "Look at me!"

That old cliche "don't put all of your eggs into one basket!" may be applied to decorating. Don't splurge all of your good ideas on one room. Save some of them for the rest of the house. If you spread some of your special touches around a bit, the effect will be more delightfully subtle and impressive.

A friend of mine in Ohio is an avid reader of so-called home magazines. She not only reads them from cover to cover, but has put so many of their suggestions into effect, her living room looks like a patchwork quilt of ideas, none of them related.

The moral is to let your few good touches or inspirations stand out, and don't go overboard. (This, of course, refers to all those other women, not you.)"

Spot On Dorothy!

Read more about Dorothy here.

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