February 2, 2010


"Have you been to the jungle lately? Well no need for that safari now. Haven't you seen the "Love for Leopard"? It's playing at all the department stores and if you are in a jungle mood just walk in and view the sign of the leopard everywhere.

Bedspreads, pillowcases, terry towels, bath rugs, and shower curtains all look lush and as expensive as a maharajah's harem. But they are less expensive than you might think and quite a change from the white and pastels we are used to.

I don't know that I would want to be surrounded with all those spots all the time, but it would be fun for a guest room or as a change. Harmonizing solid-color sheets and blankets help to tone down the spots.

I saw a set up of leopard items in a room with a background of slate blue. It might be very dramatic in a room with white walls, black rug, and curtains in the tawny orange of the leopard spots. And pots of white flowers everywhere.

How do you feel about leopards in the bedroom and bath?"

Rawr! Thanks, Dorothy!

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