March 14, 2010

Bedside Lamp Upgrade

What to do with a $2 thrifted ball light with no switch? Get a hold of an iron plant hanger and a dimmer switch, and make a new bedside light!

I really needed a change from my small shelf with the brass unicorn and brass lamp (which embarrassingly is the bottom half of a broken lava lamp, which did not dawn on me until many months after I bought it, DUH!) that had served me well, but was looking weird and tired.

I wanted a nicer way to hang the fixture, something different than just a hook in the ceiling, and this $6 Home Depot 15" iron plant hanger was PERFECT - the lamp hangs out from the wall to throw more light, and is industrial looking and black. The fixture has a cord that just plugged in - no switch (!?), so the Ikea DIMMA gives me an on/off switch and the bonus ability to dim!

I'm happy with how this came out - sleek, useful, and a bit unusual!

Total Cost - $16!


After - Awesome!

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