March 1, 2010

Sew, Sew Busy

Oh, so I dropped off the radar there for a bit - work got very busy, then I was also working on a project for my friends Mystery Roar.

Momo and I were asked to help them with a shoot - they needed a new band shot for their new album (WHICH IS AWESOME AND WILL BLOW YOUR EARS RIGHT OFF YOUR HEAD AND INTO OUTER SPACE) so we had a photo shoot at my house.

They wanted a Gustav Klimt - inspired background, so I sewed this massive gold "quilt" out of shiny, beautiful fabrics. It was huge, (336 eight inch squares of fabric) and if I didn't have a serger, it would have not got done. I also made masks and cloaks, but I don't want to show too much until the band starts using the images.

I am however thinking about making a tutorial on cloak-making since I sewed SIX! SIX!

This was my first shoot trying to organize and direct six people, which was a new experience, at work I style architectural shots, and the flower arrangements don't ask me how they should look, or get distracted drinking beer in the kitchen, ha ha ha.

I tried my best, and I think out of 470 (!) shots there are some keepers, plus I learned a lot - if I ever do something like this again. I'll post some of them once I get permission from the band.

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