April 13, 2010


"Amused and puzzled the other day, I read an advertisement for a course in interior decorating that said, “interior decoration kit furnished.” What in the world would you find in an interior decoration kit that would help you “do” a room?

It makes me shudder to think of it. Imagine opening your little box or kit and pulling out a complicated color chart, or in little box A, fishing out the rule for what to do with a room with four windows. Then in box B would be a bag of tricks for making ceilings look lower or hallways larger or whatever the problem might be. All solved with the little old interior decoration kit.

No, it wouldn’t work. All you need is your own good taste, some of today’s luscious colors and fabrics, and lots of courage to try something new. Any “kit on interior decoration,” no matter how elaborate, is about as mythical as Pandora’s box and just as impractical.

So many people believe there is something deep and mysterious about interior decoration – that you have to know all sorts of complicated details and rules before you can lift a finger. Well, you don’t. All you need is a delight in color, an awareness of balance, a feeling for lighting, a sense of style, a zest for life, and an amused enjoyment of the smart accessories of the moment. So open up your own kit of imagination and transform that room!"

How True! Thanks, Dorothy!

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