April 28, 2010


I'm not sure how many decor/design/vintage bloggers read Jezebel, but I thought this post about "Bloggers with Perfect, Beautiful, Craftsy Lives" was really interesting.

Anyone who writes a decor blog should really check it out.

The author writes that she "fell down the picturesque-vintage-design-craft rabbit hole a few days ago and emerged three hours later, bleary-eyed and full of self-loathing" and "From there, it was a hop, skip and a jump to the seemingly perfect lives of the flower arrangers and design mavens, their homes artfully filled with an appealing blend of salvage and craft and re-upholstered chairs and melancholy found objects and vintage records, all of them full of magical secrets and totally devoid of clutter."

I have to admit that I go through phases of similar feelings toward the many (too many) decor/craft blogs I read everyday, that is, feeling woefully inadequate in the cute, unique and perfect department. I feel jealous that most of these ladies have the abundant time and energy to be well, effortlessly amazing at what they're doing.

Then I think, JESUS!, I have a full time job, a social life, and a big streak of lazy down the middle - so I'm really happy with what I manage to add to my blog. Plus, even my decent photography skills don't reveal the messes that are just out of frame! So even though I sometimes envy the decorated perfectness of lifestyles I imagine others are living, it passes, because there's really no point in comparing.

I also occasionally get grumpy with the (ha-ha!) "decornography" shown on some of the same blogs, sometimes it seems so decadent, wasteful and ridiculous that we're chasing these images if ideal homes (that have been styled to death for one photo shoot) with trendy, pricey designer stuff we don't need!!!!! But that passes too, because I remember to see it all as inspiration, nothing more. (and I like to buy things!)

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