April 12, 2010

Quick Bunting How-To

I know, I know it's trendy, but I really love bunting!! I've been wanting to make my own for a while, and came up with a quick and easy method to make double sided fabric bunting.

1. Get your hands on some extra wide double fold bias tape, a 60 degree diamond quilters cutting template, pinking shears and a rotary cutter - all easily found at JoAnn's or the like.

2. Cut as many diamonds as you think you'll need - they are 4" wide, which should help you with your math. I wanted 11 diamonds per strand.

3. Fold your diamonds in half and iron into triangles.

4. Sew the 2 open edges shut with a 1/4" seam allowance.

5. Trim the sewn edges with the pinking shears.

6. Sew a loop or ring on one end of your bias tape, then begin adding triangles to the bias tape, just open and insert.

7. Sew down the center of the tape, adding triangles as you go! Finish with another loop or ring.

Easy as Pie!

I hung mine using vintage wood thread spools in my bathroom, adding some whimsy to that long blank wall. I love it, but I think a smaller strand hung above with more "dips" would really make it look awesome!

** I have a few of these quilters cutting templates in different shapes and sizes, and they are SO DAMN HANDY! For all kinds of projects - I don't even quilt! I can't recommend them enough.

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