May 11, 2010


"A very famous actress once had these words of advice for those debating whether to wear the pearls or leave them off. 'When in doubt, don't!' That's a pretty good rule to follow anytime. I have a 'when in doubt' for around the house. 'When in doubt, make it black and white.'

Sometimes when you don't know what color to put with another, nine time out of ten you'll try swatches of pink, cocoa, violet, beige, and green, and forget about the two dramatic stand-bys - black and white! What these two can do in the way of pulling together a room together is magic.

An all too-green room, for instance, can become the talk of the town when you drop those snow-white touches around. And with the new washable, dirt-resistant fabrics and vinyls available, there's no excuse anymore for that cry of, 'Impractical!' In fact, a white vinyl floor, provided it has some swirls or geometrical squiggles (white on white, or course) has been proved to be just as practical as a gray or beige.

A friend of mine has punctuated her house in the country with black (a color not usually associated with country living), ans it's amazing how it zips up the other colors. You don;t necessarily need great masses of it, but a spot of black in a clock, a pillow, a picture frame, a rug, hinges and handle on white cabinets, black tweed chair cushions can eliminate any look of the ordinary.

So when in doubt, don't forget that black and white used in solo or duet will make your house sing a brand new note!"

YES - love that black and white! Thanks, Dorothy!

Read more about Dorothy here.

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