June 13, 2010

Before & After: Custom Flor Carpet

I love Flor, I've blogged about it before, and it's great. However, after 2 years, my Fedora in the living room was looking a little worse for ware. Having 2 cats seems to shorten the lifespan of carpet tiles, but I hoped that they would last a bit longer than 2 years. I'm going to use the red and green tiles from my bedroom in the attic storage space, so they last yet.

I didn't want to just get a new color, and since I don't really care for the patterns Flor offers in my price range (though I love the Girard collection,) I decided to create a custom rug!

(I laid out the design in InDesign, then simply cut six tiles on the diagonal with a knife and large metal ruler)

I'm totally jumping on the triangle bandwagon with my design, but it came out so freaking awesome! It brightens up the space and adds more color! (and is very close to white, whiter than I expected, so I have huge fears about maintaining it's cleanliness, but we'll just have to play it out)

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