June 28, 2010

Inspiration or Stealing?

I ran across the site You thought we wouldn't notice a week or two ago, and was appropriately horrified! The site is an open blog where folks can post examples of creative work reproduced (stolen) without permission. I know this gets into the whole "inspired by" argument, but let's face it - we all know the difference between using someone's idea as a jumping off point vs. outright copying. I have no problem with someone seeing a designer piece that they can't afford and making some kind of DIY version - FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL USE. It's when retailers start doing it that I get pretty pissed.

I noticed this last night (while trying to find a straw summer hat that will fit my giant stupid head) and you tell me - an Urban Outfitters rip-off of a Marimekko print by one of my favorite artists Sanna Annukka or just a creative coincidence?

This one also looks oddly like Sanna's work, no?

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