August 18, 2010

Started Supplying to SVPPLY

Awesome! I just got my invite from SVPPLY, and I'm already adding stuff for you to spend your hipster dollars on!

Check out my picks on my SVPPLY page!

Blogger is not letting me comment right now for some reason!

Mari - I think I am going to submit - what the heck, right? How are you??????

Caitlin - I got mine by requesting it on the website - it took a while so be patient. They also post invites on their twitter account, and sometimes other bloggers give away invites, but they go FAST! good luck!

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August 12, 2010

Cloud Formations

I loved Earth Science in high school, especially the sections on rocks and the earth's crust and the weather! I used to be able to tell you the different names of cloud formations, but sadly I don't remember them now, which made me want to get a cloud formation print!

Here's what I could scare up:

Cloud Formations Small Print: terrain

The Ten Primary Cloud Formations: Etsy

Cloud Formation and Precipitation at an Occluded Front: All Posters

A Pictorial Guide to the correlation between emotions and cloud formations: Shannon May

1890 Clouds: Ebay

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