September 15, 2010

Thrift Scores

Even though I haven't spent that much time on house projects this summer, I still have been thrifting, I never stop thrifting.

Here are some of my latest acquisitions; wood arrows, (I need more of these for an idea, but they are mucho $$$) Precious Moments bisque doll heads, (yes - you read that correctly) a giant plastic scalloped lamp shade thing, a lovely wooden spool, another hand cut paper silhouette of a lady with an earring, and a slightly rusty reproduction Spanish sword.

(I've been a little obsessed with swords since I was little, too many fantasy movies!!! I had my Dad make me one, and he made me this like, full size sword from plywood and I could barely lift it, but it was awesome and I am sad I didn't keep it.)

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