November 18, 2010

Tokyo Two

On Wednesday we went to the seaside Enoshima area. During the summer it is a popular surfing and beach destination. It's funny how beach towns are similar all over the world - junk food, souvenir shops, and beach gear! We had lunch on an island just off the shore, and visited a shrine.

This is the view from the shrine back towards the shore.

Next we boarded the Enoden train, which wove through the seaside neighborhoods (somtimes within feet of people's homes) to see the Kamakura temple with the big budda!

On the way home, we had dinner under Tokyo Station - REAL ramen! I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but I was hungry and it was so delicious! So you'll just have to imagine this bowl full of fresh noodles, tender pork, bamboo shoots, and nori - all floating in a soy sauce based broth that I could start drinking daily!

In between all these stops, we are shopping and snacking!

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