January 29, 2010

Looking for Lamp

I NEED this brass lamp! - find it for me. I like how it looks like someone just said something really inappropriate.

It's discontinued, but find it anyway.

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Etsy's The Storque

After including my studio on mint, Ellie Snow asked to use one of the images for her Guest Curator post on The Storque.

I haven't spent that much time on Etsy since I closed my shop a few years ago, and I think the blog was just getting rolling when I left. While primarily focused on selling through Etsy, there's some interesting stuff on The Storque - especially the "How-To" section!

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January 28, 2010

New Print: Josh Keyes

Yesterday I picked up this amazing print by Josh Keyes at Tiny Showcase. Half of the print's cost is being donated to Partners in Health's Stand with Haiti relief campaign.

Josh has an excellent website - I particularly like the "Sketchbook" section - it's really compelling to see where an artist works, and how he uses models and photography as inspiration and reference. He even has a forum!

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January 26, 2010


"It doesn't matter whether you're Mrs. Dollar Sign or Mrs. Penny Pincher, unless you have a little flair for doing things, your house is going to be just a so-so house. Even Mrs. Dollar Sign, who can afford the best fabrics and furniture, needs to put her own taste signature on her choice of color, accessories, and placement of furniture or she's going to end up with a room that belongs to somebody else.

The dictionary say that "flair" is "talent, aptitude, keen perception." I say it's the little things that you do to make ordinary things into something special - or that little touch that transforms an everyday idea into a very special thing. It might be only hanging a picture lower that anybody else, or using large red bandana handkerchiefs in unusual ways - as mats for pictures, as napkins, or as tie-backs for white kitchen curtains.

Flair is sort of undefinable, but if you have it or can acquire it, it's more valuable than money. So don't despair if you have to worry over your budget, try a spot of flair!"

This is so sweet!, thanks, Dorothy!

Read more about Dorothy here.

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January 25, 2010

My Workspace over on Mint!

I'm overjoyed that my workspace is being featured as a "howdy do it" over on Mint. Margot Harrington interviewed me about the changes made to my workspace since I moved in!

Parse the entire Howdy Do It series while you're there!!

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January 22, 2010

My First Guest Post

I don't have too much to share today, so I though I'd share a guest post I did over at Rearranged Design. The blog owner needed to take some time off to complete a move, and I filled in with a guest post about some interesting sites on the internet!

Be sure to add Rearranged Design to your read list!

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January 20, 2010


Oh what joy to find a copy of Dorothy Draper's 1965 book "365 Shortcuts to Home Decorating". I'm a sucker for any vintage home decorating book, and even without any photography, these "shortcuts" are just so darling, that I had to get it.

Read more about Dorothy here.

The first in a new weekly feature on RJW - shortcut #92:

#92: "When all the hunting gear is on display in the sporting goods stores, it seems like a good time to talk about duck decoys. And I'm not going to suggest that you arise at dawn and freeze to death in a duck blind, so don't get nervous.

What do you use duck decoys for? The make a lamp that is a conversation piece in a man's room or family room. As a planter base they look right at home with marshy-type plants. As book ends they lend a certain love-of-nature look to a desk or table.

A friend of mine who has a great variety of hunter friends has them all around her house. Two large black ones nestle on the right-hand side of the hearth in the dining room. One natural colored duck graces the left-hand side of the mantel in the gun room, while a white and black wide-backed type with a turquoise beak holds papers in place in the back of him on a shelf overlooking the checkered-covered bunk in the same room.

Too, they may be used in a covy as a wall decoration. And if you don't happen to take to their wooden shapes, there are large paintings of attractive duck decoys. You don't need a gun to go hunting for a duck decoy for your house this fall. Just shop around!"

Thanks, Dorothy!

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January 13, 2010

Thrifted at the Chartiable Heart - Reluctantly

On Saturday , a friend and I headed out for a little thrift store/antique shopping. First we stopped at Charitable Heart Thrift Store in Natck, MA. I picked up these lovely wood candle sticks - aren't they just super dang cute!?

HOWEVER! Buying them was not so cute. This is really the worst thrift store I have ever been to. I usually try to stay away from being negative on this blog, but I was so annoyed by the place that I need to vent. Stepping inside I was initially excited - they have TONS of stock, so much that it's in piles spilling out everywhere, but I will give them credit that is organized by type. There is some good stuff here, and the staff knows where nearly everything is, and can direct you to it (and give you a lengthy bogus explanation of it's supposed value).

But the PRICES!!! Holy Cow, I've never seen such ridiculous, inconsistent overpricing! There were many things that I was interested in, but no way would I pay such high prices. I did buy the candle sticks - they knocked off $5 which was nice, but I really will never go there again. The woman working there made it a point to tell me that some of the proceeds go to charity, and maybe I'm a scrooge, but I don't see how that justifies the inflated prices.

To me, thrift stores are places where used goods get sold at a minimal prices to keep it out of landfills and to help folks with lower incomes find what they need primarily, and a place for people like me to source possible valuable, design-y objects secondly. And yes, I'll admit I'm always hoping to find a deal, a designer piece for a steal, but I also look for practical items for daily use, like wine glasses, staplers, clothing - happy that I can reuse something rather than going out and buying something new. I guess the reason I was so offended by this place was that most of their over priced stock was going to sit there collecting dust, instead of being put to good use.

whew! that was a bit of a rant wasn't it! How do you feel about thrift store pricing?

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January 7, 2010

Shoot Remainders

This fall I had a shoot for Saucony at my home, and I've posted some of the shots we did, but I finally got my hands on the remainder of the shots. During the day, photographer Momo Shinzawa took some "atmosphere" shots around the apt, and they came out so lovely! It's always interesting to see how different people approach photography, to see how others would frame the shot - even though I've shot some of these same things, these images are uniquely Momo's perspective.

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