March 30, 2010

Contemporary Embroidery

I stumbled on Karen Ruane's blog, contemporary embroidery, during some recent blog hopping, and I bookmarked it immediately - look at this work - simply amazing!

She's a freelance embroiderer with an Etsy shop, Big Cartel shop and some serious talent.

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March 22, 2010

Weekend Activities

Not too much going on at mi casa over the weekend - painted the frame of some new thrift store art (I'm obsessed with painting frames white, then hanging them on white walls! Gah!) a hand drawn blueprint of a boat called "The Unicorn" how awesome is that! Mucho! Mucho!

A little practice on some knots from my Marlinspike Sailor book! Way fun!

And finally cleaning up and polishing my new brass floor lamp I got a few weeks ago. I already had a brass lamp there, that I though was tops, but sometimes something better comes along!

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March 17, 2010

Ahoy! All Ages and Sexes!

I know I'm not the only one who does this, but sometimes things need to be rescued from the thrift store whether they are useful or not. For me - it's usually awesome packaging or graphics on an otherwise useless item that compel me to buy it.

But how adorable is this little "Ahoy! The Battleship Game" pad??? Who knew it began as a pencil/paper game?

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March 16, 2010

For the Bare Bulb Look

Okay I'm on a lighting kick this week - AND I'm obsessed with all of my lighting being spherical in some way! I picked up some huge round bulbs at the thrift store, and decided to de-countrify the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I just removed the glass shades and screwed these puppies in - not perfect (it's still an ugly ceiling fan) but a bit more modern! A quick and super easy fix!



I should also admit that I love the boxes almost as much as the bulbs!

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March 14, 2010

Bedside Lamp Upgrade

What to do with a $2 thrifted ball light with no switch? Get a hold of an iron plant hanger and a dimmer switch, and make a new bedside light!

I really needed a change from my small shelf with the brass unicorn and brass lamp (which embarrassingly is the bottom half of a broken lava lamp, which did not dawn on me until many months after I bought it, DUH!) that had served me well, but was looking weird and tired.

I wanted a nicer way to hang the fixture, something different than just a hook in the ceiling, and this $6 Home Depot 15" iron plant hanger was PERFECT - the lamp hangs out from the wall to throw more light, and is industrial looking and black. The fixture has a cord that just plugged in - no switch (!?), so the Ikea DIMMA gives me an on/off switch and the bonus ability to dim!

I'm happy with how this came out - sleek, useful, and a bit unusual!

Total Cost - $16!


After - Awesome!

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March 1, 2010

Sew, Sew Busy

Oh, so I dropped off the radar there for a bit - work got very busy, then I was also working on a project for my friends Mystery Roar.

Momo and I were asked to help them with a shoot - they needed a new band shot for their new album (WHICH IS AWESOME AND WILL BLOW YOUR EARS RIGHT OFF YOUR HEAD AND INTO OUTER SPACE) so we had a photo shoot at my house.

They wanted a Gustav Klimt - inspired background, so I sewed this massive gold "quilt" out of shiny, beautiful fabrics. It was huge, (336 eight inch squares of fabric) and if I didn't have a serger, it would have not got done. I also made masks and cloaks, but I don't want to show too much until the band starts using the images.

I am however thinking about making a tutorial on cloak-making since I sewed SIX! SIX!

This was my first shoot trying to organize and direct six people, which was a new experience, at work I style architectural shots, and the flower arrangements don't ask me how they should look, or get distracted drinking beer in the kitchen, ha ha ha.

I tried my best, and I think out of 470 (!) shots there are some keepers, plus I learned a lot - if I ever do something like this again. I'll post some of them once I get permission from the band.

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