May 17, 2010

Vintage Ethan Allen, Strangely Modern?

It's been a while since I've posted some throwback goodness - check out this seventies Ethan Allen Catalog.

I'm surprised by the modern-style light fixtures and art mixed with the stuffy, heavy furniture.

Kind of a "Where's Waldo" thing - find the mod!

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May 13, 2010

I'm in a Magaziiiiiine!

I have a spread in the Ukrainan decor/design magazine Uyutnaya Kvartira! After my Thrift Store Art Project was featured on Design*Sponge, the photo editor contacted me and asked me if I wanted the project published!

I can't read a word of it, but it's so very, very awesome.

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May 11, 2010


"A very famous actress once had these words of advice for those debating whether to wear the pearls or leave them off. 'When in doubt, don't!' That's a pretty good rule to follow anytime. I have a 'when in doubt' for around the house. 'When in doubt, make it black and white.'

Sometimes when you don't know what color to put with another, nine time out of ten you'll try swatches of pink, cocoa, violet, beige, and green, and forget about the two dramatic stand-bys - black and white! What these two can do in the way of pulling together a room together is magic.

An all too-green room, for instance, can become the talk of the town when you drop those snow-white touches around. And with the new washable, dirt-resistant fabrics and vinyls available, there's no excuse anymore for that cry of, 'Impractical!' In fact, a white vinyl floor, provided it has some swirls or geometrical squiggles (white on white, or course) has been proved to be just as practical as a gray or beige.

A friend of mine has punctuated her house in the country with black (a color not usually associated with country living), ans it's amazing how it zips up the other colors. You don;t necessarily need great masses of it, but a spot of black in a clock, a pillow, a picture frame, a rug, hinges and handle on white cabinets, black tweed chair cushions can eliminate any look of the ordinary.

So when in doubt, don't forget that black and white used in solo or duet will make your house sing a brand new note!"

YES - love that black and white! Thanks, Dorothy!

Read more about Dorothy here.

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May 5, 2010

Germaine Mauriaucourt Print

More art for me! I picked up this silkscreen at savers for $7, and turns out that it has some provenance! I L.O.V.E. it when I can find information on thrift store purchases - probably for the same reason that I can't not watch Antiques Roadshow when it's on.

The print is by Germaine Mauriaucourt and is titled "Indians of the Pacific Northwest." I love the colors and the composition - it kind of grows on you.

From the Luther College website:


Germaine Mauriaucourt Degenhardt was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 1932, the daughter of a French father and an English mother. She traveled extensively with her parents throughout her childhood. Degenhardt attended Edmond's Street School and Burnaby South High before enrolling at the Vancouver School of Art. After spending two years at that school, she traveled to Paris where she worked as a textile designer. During this period she attended classes in engraving at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and in drawing at the Atelier de la Grande Chaumiere.

After returning to Vancouver, Degenhardt became a printmaker. She learned silkscreen printing at tonge and ellam. In 1955 Degenhardt spent a summer at Skidegate, Queen Charlotte Islands, where she was inspired by the culture of the Northwest coast Indians. In her personal statement in an exhibit catalog published in 1995, Degenhardt noted that while in Sidegate she was "adopted in the the Moody family (Haida carvers) and into the Raven and Wolf clans." She also received a Haida name, Kildago Jats, meaning "woman of the mountains." It is reported that Degenhardt passed away ca. 2001.

Degenhardt was particularly well known for her silkscreen prints featuring imagery of the Northwest coast Haida Indians. Her works were widely exhibited in Canada and the United States.

The print by Degenhardt in the Fine Arts Collection was donated to Luther College by former President and Mrs. Elwin Farwell in 1983 and is part of the Elwin and Helen Farwell Collection.

Thank you Internet!

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