January 24, 2011

Tokyo Four

Images from our visit to Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa. After visiting the Temple and grabbing lunch, we headed to the The Tori-no-Ichi (Rake Fair) festival.

Similar to the states, there was tons of fair food lining the streets towards the rake fair. We saw this Ramen Burger vendor and had to try one - Super Delicious. The noodles are fried in a small round pan to make the "buns" and then the pork, fish cake, vegetables, etc are in between, and drizzled with a thickened ramen broth.

The many sizes, shapes and colors of the rakes was overwhelming! Each time someone bought one, the vendors would chant and clap.

"A highly decorated bamboo rake was particular popular as goods to bring happiness and prosperity in business. It is said that to bring happiness for New Year is to change a bigger bamboo rake year by year."

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