February 7, 2011

Darling New Dresser

I've been patiently waiting for the thrift gods to send me a small dresser for a while now. I wanted to free up some space in my big dresser by moving my "unmentionables" into something else. I scored this awesome little dresser for $10!

I think it might have originally been half of a larger vanity table, there's a piece of wood on the right side that makes it look like it was once part of something else. Except for the missing veneer, it was in solid shape. Though I have painting everything white lately, I decided to keep this one in it's natural state and just stained the problem spots a bit and waxed the whole thing until I can get back outside and completely sand the veneer off of the drawers.

The insides of the drawers were a little bit icky so those I painted white and added fabric to the bottoms. The knobs are from anthropologie, and are more expensive then the dresser, but worth it I think!

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