February 14, 2011

Quivver: Launch!

It's Valentine's day, and even though I didn't plan it this way (I swear!) I'm launching my new online shop Quivver selling handmade wooden arrows.

This all started last fall when I was trying to collect vintage arrows to display, but I only found a handful and was reluctant to dish out the crazy prices that they were going for on ebay. Plus, many of them weren't as colorful or as interesting as I wanted them to be, since really - they're made to be used, not displayed. Thus Quivver was born - if I couldn't find what I wanted, I would make them!

I hand cut, sand, color, stain and finish each one, and no two are alike. They can be hung, put in containers, or be artfully placed about your home, or whatever else you can come up with!

I'll be adding more images an shop news on the Quivver page link in my sidebar, and if this all goes well, new products!

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