March 3, 2011

Art Galleries in JP!

I'm very excited to see two new art galleries opening in Jamaica Plain. I'll be heading over to Aviary and The Hallway tonight after work!

Aviary Gallery & Art Boutique opens tonight with the Sound on Sight: Photography of Boston Rock show. Accorind the website "[Aviary] was founded in the spring of 2011 by Lindsay Metivier with the purpose of creating a space for established and emerging artists to share their work with the greater Boston community. Aviary is not intended to be a traditional exhibition space. Aside from serving as a gallery, Aviary offers a curated selection of local art, photography, jewelry, books and crafts. Beyond gallery hours, the space will host workshops, lectures, concerts, film screenings and performances."

Uforge Gallery will be opening on April 9, and theior mission "is to foster creativity by facilitating diverse and affordable project assignment based, non-juried (open door) art exhibitions; to provide a venue to exhibit these works; to cultivate both a collaborative and inclusive arts community at large through educational workshops and special events."

 The Hallway Gallery has been open for a while now, but they are also having an opening tonight for the Polaroid Show!

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