March 18, 2011

Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cookbook 1961

I already have all the cookbooks I need, and with the internet I can always find new recipes. I initially picked up this little Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cookbook at the thrift store for it's size (5" x 8") and the adorable illustrations by Tom Funk, but I discovered some really intriguing and unusual  recipes for this summers cookout/camping season! Plus - it's 65 and sunny today and I'm in a summer kind of mood!

Check out these yummy recipes for Acorn Squash with Honey Chili Sauce, Sweet Potato and Pineapple Kabobs, Grilled Peaches n' Berries, Mock Angel Food and Shaggy Dogs - these two in particular sound awesome but also a little weird.

Images scanned directly from book by Red Jet Whistle

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