April 1, 2011

Got Pinned!

Reader Alyssa pointed out to me that Quivver got "pinned" - The Shooting Gallery Picks for Him by blogger Dolan Geiman. (another awesome blog to read!)

Very pleased to be in such good company, and that Quivver is getting some action on Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest community for all my other pins, I just figured out how to see them all! I have an account but have yet to start using it! I like the way it's more user/page based than Svpply, which I also use - but which is more product focused.

How do people have the time to keep all this up?! I barely get time to blog properly, much less maintain cataloging/aggregator sites, much less start a twitter, or facebook.........I think I'm doing well, then BAM! I feel like a slacker again.

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