April 20, 2011


This is what I did most of the weekend - we're having a yard sale in a few weeks so I decided to do a big PURGE to get rid of tons of stuff I don't use or need, making a huge mess in the process. I tend to squirrel away bits of junk in drawers and cubbyholes and forget about it, a yard sale each spring seems like a good way to remedy my little hoarding habits. Afterwards the studio was so clean and neat!

I also scored this vintage seventies shell chair knock-off for $3 buckaroos, it needs a scrubbing and then it's my new bedroom desk chair. Love the gray/taupe color! (It's also more comfortable than my real shell chairs!)

Oh and remember this awesome shoe/slipper rack I brought home from Japan? I'm finally putting it to use as a magazine rack!

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