May 31, 2011

Bedroom Details

I wanted to share a few details of my bedroom makeover. I found this adorable little light at Ikea - it's the MINUT and is only $19.99. I didn't really dig the brushed chrome finish though, so with a litle bit of black spray paint, it now matches perfectly. It also throws beautiful light with a low wattage bulb.

I also wanted new white cafe curtains, but plain white cotton would be wicked boring so I found this white cotton pintuck fabric at JoAnn's for I think about $8 a yard. The texture pairs well with the diamond pattern on my rug, and adds a subtle texture. I like sewing cafe curtains, because they let plenty of light in, while still maintaining privacy - not to mention being super fast to sew.

(This is one of the few non-solid fabrics from JoAnn's that actually looks sophisticated - they ususally have such awful quilty/cheesy fabrics!)

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