May 23, 2011

Gray Beard in my Bedroom

I've always hated this blue. Other people have liked it and even asked me for the paint color, but I hated it. Dull country blah blah blue. My landlord painted it before I moved and I lazily left it for 4 years!

No more - it's now painted in a very light gray (Olympic's "Gray Beard") and I love it!!! I also swapped out the art down to a few select pieces, added a simple mirror over the dresser, swapped out the bedside light, picked up a vintage gray desk chair, sewed new white curtains and re-installed my closet doors. (detail posts to come)

My plan was to stick to a limited gray/black/white palette, but now I think I need something with a strong color. Maybe paint the bedside table yellow? Mustard color duvet? Gah, always a work in progress....

(anyone notice the cat bed is the same fabric as my duvet?)

I have a sneaking suspicion that some may prefer the before because it's more colorful, and part of me agrees, but the new gray just feels right - right now. There's enough color and pattern in the rest of the apt, I wanted a neutral respite in my bedroom. Also - these pics were taken during the neverending rain happening right now in Boston making it appear a tad gloomy, but it's super lovely!

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