June 13, 2011

Base Crazy

So I was flipping throughRenovation Style at work and got stuck on this image of a desk/vanity made from corbels and a piece of glass. Even though I don't like the fabric on the bench, the color on the walls, or the stupid orchid, I still think it's kind of a genius solution.

Photo: Werner Straube, Summer 2011 Renovation Style

I think I paused on this because for weeks now I have been obsessed with table tops and bases ever since I picked up this beautiful 36" round marble table top for 10 smackers. Now I'm trying to find some kind of interesting base for it. (Never mind that I have no need for another coffee table, much less a 3' one) When I was at Brimfield, I picked up these hair pin legs because they were cheap and are always useful. Now, I know that I can cut a round piece of plywood, screw on the hairpins and be done, but it's a bit BORING.

My "Project Pile"
 I want some kind of thing, a big sturdy, interesting but cheap thing to hold up this slab!!!!!! Something shiny and brass, please. Or some sort of normal height base. I really try not to do this anymore, buying 1/2 of a project thinking the other 1/2 will just appear magically. (I cracked up when I read the woman in the article had moved those corbels from house to house with her for 20 years, because that's me!)

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