June 29, 2011

Baby Shower Invitation

Two of my close friends will be welcoming their firstborn into the world this fall, and I'm happy to be organizing their baby party - they're throwing a co-ed lunch in the backyard. I've been busy with other craft projects for the event, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I promise plenty of pics and a tutorial (Ooo!) afterwards.

Here's the design I made for the invitation in Illustrator:

And here's the Gocco printed version:

I love my Gocco, but this was a tough project! I had plenty of supplies except for bulbs. Based on info gathered from searching the internet, it was suggested that using #5 or #5B flashbulbs would work as well as Gooco brand bulbs. I ordered some of both from ebay, and I'm not convinced they work as well. I used the blue filter, and properly prepared my masters, but the screen came out pretty clogged - resulting in a more, shall we say... "textured" print. Overall they came out pretty cute, but I need to get the proper bulbs next time.

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