July 20, 2011

The Internet Just Keeps On Being Interesting

Two new site that friends and fellow bloggers have pointed me towards:

Goodsie: An Etsy, Big Cartel, and the like competitor - online shop hosting. I am very happy with Big Cartel for my Quivver shop, but I like some of the features on Goodsie - larger images and more customization without having to learn css. It's a bit more per month, but I may have gone with Goodsie if it was available at the time. Definitely a site to keep an eye on.

Stitch & Hem: Independently designed and sewn clothing and shoes - custom made to fit your measurements!  Prices vary, but are less than I expected. There's so much potential here - especially for those of us on the high or low ends of the size range!

food52: I'm not a whiz in the kitchen, and don't always "cook" anymore than mixing things together, but I can follow a recipe, and get excited for new things to try - and boy howdy, there are about a million recipes on this food blog I want to try! and tips! and shopping!

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