August 3, 2011

Mad Props to Mad Props!

I finally made it to check out Mad Props! Funny enough, it was through work, as we sometimes need to add a little extra staging to some of our shoots. A full service prop house catering to the photography, film and event industries, they’re located across from the Design Center at 12 Channel Street (in the very same building where I once worked as an electronics buyer for a Chinese electronics company – one of my many, many weirdo jobs) in a large open space with terrific views on the 8th floor. We had a great experience choosing our various items; the staff was lovely, helpful and knowledgeable.

You choose your items and the staff carefully inventories and packs everything in clear bins, making it easy to carry. We filled 2 large bins with vases, tchotchkes, and books, which cost $250 for a seven day rental. The selection seems to lean toward modern and quirky, so we may still need other options for some of our more traditional homes, but overall it was a great experience, and we’ll be using their services in the future.

Now as a blogger – this place was amazing! So many things I wanted to take home, not to mention that this is my dream job – an honest to goodness reason to buy awesome junk! How can I get paid to use my thrift store mojo??? How???

"Wood" Grouping

LOTS of dishware in many colors

Cameras, Electronics, Unusual Objects, Etc. - Some furniture on the right.

Western and Asian Items

Sewing Props!

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