September 30, 2011

Prismma Magazine: Blogger Style

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Prismma Magazine to be profiled in their "Blogger Style" section. I like when I get asked to participate in the kinds of profiles - I'm always asked questions that make me think about what I'm doing and why, plus I get to take a stab at offering decorating advice!

Prismma is a recently launched "online digital magazine and website dedicated to interior design, d├ęcor, home living, travel and lifestyle" based in India. There are some beautiful house tours posted from all over the world!

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September 27, 2011

Ikea Hack: Color Dipped FROSTA Stool

I found this abused little Ikea FROSTA stool at the thrift store for $3, apparently it'd been used in a paint studio or kids craft room because it was covered in paint, but otherwise solid. It's such a shame these were discontinued in the US, because they are super sturdy and versatile.

Anyway, I remembered that Door Sixteen had done an awesome job giving her FROSTA's an upgrade, and so I let it sit for a few weeks trying to decide what seat color I should paint it, but nothing seemed right, so I just sanded it down and refinished the seat, which was great, but it still needed a little....something. So, still over the moon about my new favorite spray paint color (watermelon!) I painted the bottom of the legs glossy pink!

4 legs, splatter-city

Images: Door Sixteen and Apartment Therapy

3 legs, fresh and pink!

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September 26, 2011

Before & After: New Gooseneck Lamp

I can honestly say this is the first time in my entire life that I have ever spray painted anything PINK. ever.

Remember this brown found-in-the-trash lamp? Whenever I looked at it I though "beige and pink", which is a huge departure from my usual - paint it all gray routine. Thanks to Krylon's "Ivory and "Watermelon" glossy spray paint - I got exactly what I pictured. Isn't it the yummiest shade of pink??

I'm not going to post a how-to since you only need about 20 feet of painters tape and plastic bags to mask off the different sections, and then spray in light even coats - unlike me who hates waiting and just paints it all at once in one heavy layer and immediately takes the tape off and makes a mess and dings the fresh paint, forcing me to do it again anyway.......

boring, rusty, flaky brown - dullsville

brass, ivory and watermelon perfection


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September 23, 2011

Reader Chair Projects: L.A. Salt

I'm always so glad when I hear that folks are using my Selig Chair project as a guide for their own restoration projects - I love helping!

Blogger L.A. Salt has found this very unique rocking chair to restore, and is blogging her progress - Part 1 and Part 2 are already up. I'm super psyched to see this baby when it's done!

(oh, and her blog is new - but gonna be a good one to follow, me thinks!)

Image: L.A. Salt

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September 15, 2011

Steelcase Desks: Care and Maintenance Booklet

As I've blogged about before - I love Steelcase Tanker Desks. Best. Desk. Ever. Solidly built, functional, industrial-chic, replaceable parts and they disassemble for moving. What more could you want?

Anyway - I found this pamphlet somewhere, always meaning to scan and blog it - here's "Your Guide to the Care and maintenance of Steelcase Desks" - and as typical of Steelcase, it's nicely designed. Who know there were so many "accessories"!

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September 14, 2011

Missoni Crazy Time Jamboree

So it's a bit embarrsing to admit, but I am sometimes a sucker for "limited edition" designer hype. I got up early and went to Target yesterday for the Missoni collection. It was STUPID INSANE - I got there at 8:10 (they open at 8) and nearly all of it was gone in a frenzy - women had their carts overflowing with huge piles!! They seemed to fall into two camps, ebay re-seller a-holes, and wealthy older women dropping $1,000 or more on this stuff - seemingly indiscriminately. I was lucyk enough to get what I came for, the umbrella and tote, and also picked up a tray and tights that I will be returning. Honestly, most of it was poor quality, the dishware was scratched and uneven with shoddy glaze.

I was also shocked at how fast it was all up on ebay - within an hour! - for 2x, 3x the price. I know it's legal and all, but it's still blatant assholery. I hope people don't buy it from ebay, I really do.

All in all, I feel stupid for going, but damn - that umbrella is awesome!

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September 5, 2011

Pinwheel Tutorial

Back in July, I posted about the baby shower invitations I designed, and promised a tutorial. Well, I finally got my act together and documented the process! Without further ado - here's my Paper Pinwheel Tutorial! I custom designed and made these colorful paper pinwheels for my friend's Baby Shower. (I also made about 50 feet of paper bunting!)

I started by looking online for a template/tutorial, but none of them were exactly what I wanted. Either they were too complicated and required many pieces and glue plus a LOT of cutting (I was making 12!) or they weren't the look that I wanted. So based on what I  understood the basic shape to be, I drew multiple templates in Illustrator, until I came up with one that I liked - lots of "points", one piece with a unique geometric look!

Here's the link to my template - It's a .pdf and is intended to be printed on 11x17, you'll need 2 copies.

My Paper Pinwheels!
I put them in weighted and covered soda bottles as centerpieces.


Supplies: 12"x12" inch heavyweight scrapbook paper or other cardstock, xacto knife, awl, glue, tie peg and wood bead (bead must fit loosely over peg), hole punch, 1.75" circle punch (optional), 3/8 dowel, drill, drill bits. I got both the tie pegs and beads at Michael's.

1. Print out two copies of the template, cut template along cut line and tape together, making one 8-point star.

2. Tape template over 12"x12" paper. Using an awl (or thumbtack) mark each intersection on the template, pushing through both papers.

3. Using holes as cutting guides, cut out star.

4. Punch holes in the end of each star point.

5. Fold points in at the bend.

6. Fold points in again, matching holes.

7. Optional - Punch out circle and center punch a hole.

8. Get dowel ready by cutting to desired length - roughly 12" to 15". Drill a hole through the dowel just large enough for the tie peg.

9. Begin by threading the circle, then each successive point.

10. Place bead on back of tie peg, and a drop of glue in the dowel hole. - The bead acts as a separator so the pinwheel doesn't hit the dowel.

11. Place dowel over peg and let dry. All Done!

Other Helpful Pinwheel Tutorials:
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(Some of the many versions I tried out! - none were quite right)

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