September 26, 2011

Before & After: New Gooseneck Lamp

I can honestly say this is the first time in my entire life that I have ever spray painted anything PINK. ever.

Remember this brown found-in-the-trash lamp? Whenever I looked at it I though "beige and pink", which is a huge departure from my usual - paint it all gray routine. Thanks to Krylon's "Ivory and "Watermelon" glossy spray paint - I got exactly what I pictured. Isn't it the yummiest shade of pink??

I'm not going to post a how-to since you only need about 20 feet of painters tape and plastic bags to mask off the different sections, and then spray in light even coats - unlike me who hates waiting and just paints it all at once in one heavy layer and immediately takes the tape off and makes a mess and dings the fresh paint, forcing me to do it again anyway.......

boring, rusty, flaky brown - dullsville

brass, ivory and watermelon perfection


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