September 27, 2011

Ikea Hack: Color Dipped FROSTA Stool

I found this abused little Ikea FROSTA stool at the thrift store for $3, apparently it'd been used in a paint studio or kids craft room because it was covered in paint, but otherwise solid. It's such a shame these were discontinued in the US, because they are super sturdy and versatile.

Anyway, I remembered that Door Sixteen had done an awesome job giving her FROSTA's an upgrade, and so I let it sit for a few weeks trying to decide what seat color I should paint it, but nothing seemed right, so I just sanded it down and refinished the seat, which was great, but it still needed a little....something. So, still over the moon about my new favorite spray paint color (watermelon!) I painted the bottom of the legs glossy pink!

4 legs, splatter-city

Images: Door Sixteen and Apartment Therapy

3 legs, fresh and pink!

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