September 14, 2011

Missoni Crazy Time Jamboree

So it's a bit embarrsing to admit, but I am sometimes a sucker for "limited edition" designer hype. I got up early and went to Target yesterday for the Missoni collection. It was STUPID INSANE - I got there at 8:10 (they open at 8) and nearly all of it was gone in a frenzy - women had their carts overflowing with huge piles!! They seemed to fall into two camps, ebay re-seller a-holes, and wealthy older women dropping $1,000 or more on this stuff - seemingly indiscriminately. I was lucyk enough to get what I came for, the umbrella and tote, and also picked up a tray and tights that I will be returning. Honestly, most of it was poor quality, the dishware was scratched and uneven with shoddy glaze.

I was also shocked at how fast it was all up on ebay - within an hour! - for 2x, 3x the price. I know it's legal and all, but it's still blatant assholery. I hope people don't buy it from ebay, I really do.

All in all, I feel stupid for going, but damn - that umbrella is awesome!

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