November 15, 2011

My Dollhouse: Rescued!

While I was at my Dad's last weekend I rescued my childhood dollhouse! Inspired by the "I'm a Giant Challenge" going on (a group of bloggers are decorating dollhouses together) and also by my guilt of leaving this in a garage for years - I dragged it back to Boston. Boy was it dirty, and there's some damage to repair, but considering where it was stored – not too bad. It's much bigger than I remember - 3 feet wide!

My grandfather was a carpenter, and my grandmother was crazy handy as well. He built the frame, and my grandmother finished it. The floors are tongue depressors that were stained and sealed, with the ends used for roof shingles! The patterned floors are wallpaper, and some of the light fixtures are jewelry. The fireplace is made from stones from her yard, mortared in plac , and it’s exactly like the real fireplaces in her house.

I plan on repairing and renovating a little bit, but I’ve decided to stay with her 50s/60s style, but maybe get a little kitschy/campy. She made a lot of the furniture and accessories with thread spools, toothpaste caps and things - it's totally cute, but I'm missing a lot of pieces - which I am super psyched to try to make! I plan on documenting the renovation.

Look at the phone and paper towel holder!
Look at that hardwood gleam!
Attic under the roof with furniture!

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