April 20, 2011


This is what I did most of the weekend - we're having a yard sale in a few weeks so I decided to do a big PURGE to get rid of tons of stuff I don't use or need, making a huge mess in the process. I tend to squirrel away bits of junk in drawers and cubbyholes and forget about it, a yard sale each spring seems like a good way to remedy my little hoarding habits. Afterwards the studio was so clean and neat!

I also scored this vintage seventies shell chair knock-off for $3 buckaroos, it needs a scrubbing and then it's my new bedroom desk chair. Love the gray/taupe color! (It's also more comfortable than my real shell chairs!)

Oh and remember this awesome shoe/slipper rack I brought home from Japan? I'm finally putting it to use as a magazine rack!

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April 14, 2011

Painting Palettes

I have not had much to blog about lately! Between making arrows for Quivver and spending time with friends & family - not too much blog worthy has happened. I do have some interesting thift finds to share, and hopefully a project or two coming up.

Until that happens, here's some amazing artwork! Found on artist Daniel Eatock's website, a collection of paitnings of palettes -  "These paintings are the result of a first project given to first year painting students with the goal of activating awareness about the medium’s subjects, materials and techniques."

See them all here: Painting Palettes

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April 5, 2011

Thrift & Riff: Lane Acclaim

I picked up this awesome Lane end table over the weekend for $8! I wiped it down with some denatured alcohol, lightly sanded and gave it a light coat of Tung oil. It fits perfectly in this corner, and it's closer in height to the other end table, so my lamps are almost at the same height. (symmetery, pfft...whatever) It's from Lane's Acclaim series, with the signature dovetail veneer design.

Early morning photo attempt on a gloomy, rainy day - sorry!

I looked around on the web and found a great write-up by Sandy McLendon of the Acclaim Series on, including this nice diagram of how the veneer is assembled.


There's also a Flickr group for  Lane Acclaim!

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April 1, 2011

Got Pinned!

Reader Alyssa pointed out to me that Quivver got "pinned" - The Shooting Gallery Picks for Him by blogger Dolan Geiman. (another awesome blog to read!)

Very pleased to be in such good company, and that Quivver is getting some action on Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest community for all my other pins, I just figured out how to see them all! I have an account but have yet to start using it! I like the way it's more user/page based than Svpply, which I also use - but which is more product focused.

How do people have the time to keep all this up?! I barely get time to blog properly, much less maintain cataloging/aggregator sites, much less start a twitter, or facebook.........I think I'm doing well, then BAM! I feel like a slacker again.

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