January 30, 2012

Review: Novus Plastic Restorer

I picked up a cute but sadly scratched lucite/acrylic cake stand a few weeks ago as the perfect project to try out the Novus plastic restorer kit I picked up at The Container Store. It was pretty scratched and had small patches that looked like bubbles (heat damage?) that I was hoping were on the surface and removable.

The kit was $9.99 and has a heavy duty scratch remover, polish and cleaner. The directions were clear and I gave the top a good 20min rub-down with the heavy duty scratch remover, followed by the polish and cleaner.  Overall, it did a good job removing a surprising number of scratches, but not the deepest ones and sadly, not the bubble patches. I would definitely use it again on a piece with less damage to start with! Anyway, it will still look great with a paper charger, and a cake will hide the flaws!

Verdict: Does what it says, but not a miracle worker!

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January 22, 2012

I'm in the Boston Globe Magazine!

I'm over the moon to share that I'm in today's Style Watch section of Boston Globe Magazine! The writer, Marni Elyse Katz found my shop online and emailed about adding the arrows to a project she was working on. She asked to see what images of the arrows I had, and some of the ones I sent had views of my apartment - one thing lead to another and I'm in the paper! SUPER exciting stuff!

Thank you so much to Marni and Assistant Editor Veronica Chao!

I was asked to take new shots of the apartment for the article, but only a few were used, so I thought I'd share some of rest of them. They are also on my flickr.

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January 20, 2012

Eames Chair Bases

So I've been very busy trying to get arrows done and in the shop prior to this Sunday's secret awesome thing that I think is happening, and I have not really had time to think about the blog!

I have however been wasting time here and there on Pinterest, and I stumbled on this sumptuous leather version of an Eames shell chair.....

Source: Pinterest and bookofjoe

...which reminded me of this post over on Rearranged Design about Modern Conscience, a Seattle based company that makes a variety of reproduction bases for shell chairs! Their bases are made to fit both wide and narrow mounts, and they are committed to sustainable practices and American made materials. The prices are also very reasonable!

Images from Modern Conscience

..Which in turn made me think that maybe my two shell chairs could use some freshening up! They both have the zinc H-bases, which are nice - but kind of boring. New bases might also encourage me to move them from their hiding spots around the apartment. Right now they're in those random places that you stick furniture you don't know what to do with - banishment corners.

My two chairs before banishment

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January 13, 2012

New Arrows: Embroidered

Oh! I also added two more of the spiral hitched/embroidered arrows to the shop. I'm really digging this technique and my next batch will combine paint and string!

Happy Weekend!!

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Finds Fa La La

Nothing too blog-worthy has been happening this month, so far I'm busy with Quivver and getting some 2012 planning in order. I have, of course continued to thrift (because I can't not) and picked up this beautiful Vefa enamel bowl. I have to admit that the only enamel I was familiar with was Catherineholm, but there are others! Woo! Don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I think some kind of non-food use is in order.

I also got this new in the box Work Rack 4 made by Syrocco in 1981! It's bright red and plastick-y and reminds me of a second rate Uten.Silo container - which I thoroughly covet. Not sure where this is going either... but I couldn't pass it up!

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