January 30, 2012

Review: Novus Plastic Restorer

I picked up a cute but sadly scratched lucite/acrylic cake stand a few weeks ago as the perfect project to try out the Novus plastic restorer kit I picked up at The Container Store. It was pretty scratched and had small patches that looked like bubbles (heat damage?) that I was hoping were on the surface and removable.

The kit was $9.99 and has a heavy duty scratch remover, polish and cleaner. The directions were clear and I gave the top a good 20min rub-down with the heavy duty scratch remover, followed by the polish and cleaner.  Overall, it did a good job removing a surprising number of scratches, but not the deepest ones and sadly, not the bubble patches. I would definitely use it again on a piece with less damage to start with! Anyway, it will still look great with a paper charger, and a cake will hide the flaws!

Verdict: Does what it says, but not a miracle worker!

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