February 13, 2012

Estate Sale: Second and Last

So I went to my second ever estate sale on Saturday, and I think it’s my last estate sale. Compared to the first one I went to, which was not crowded or crazy – this one was kind of awful. There were a ton of people, and even though the company managing the sale did a good job – there was just too much aggression and complaining. Everybody was grabbing things and getting crazy and I think it rubbed off a little on me, which was gross.

I bought a homemade piece of framed fiber art – which I really like even though it’s fairly yellowed, a brown Coach purse which was a great find, and a wood box of “vintage” ornaments – which upon closer inspection are faux vintage and probably from Pier 1 (these I think I picked up from catching vulture-fever from the crowd).

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