February 28, 2012

Hey Dad, Let's Build a Table

Two weekends ago, I headed up to Lake Sacandaga in upstate New York to visit my Dad. I've been trying to find a small table to keep my dollhouse on and I wasn't coming up with anything at the thrift stores, so it was time for something custom. I've got a good collection of tools and the general sort of know-how to make a table, but I don't really have the space to make a giant mess - BUT my Dad has a huge, heated garage!

on the way up north - Adirondack Power and Light, one of my favorite buildings

hyper accurate finger sketch

So this ipad doodle is actually how I explained what I wanted to my Dad, plus a lot of hand gestures. Next we were off to Lowe's and picked $40 of birch veneer plywood. (After I went through nearly all of the pieces they had looking for the prettiest grain - while my Dad very patiently waited) Then some quality time in the garage, during which I only changed my mind about the dimensions twice, and we only had to undo and redo one section. Then the sanding, LOTS of sanding. It came out great though, no where near fine furniture making, but it's exactly what I wanted and it was super fun to do a project with my Dad.

next step final sanding and finishing

I've been keeping these hairpin legs for a future project and they're the perfect height! I wanted a low table since it just feels right that you should sit on the floor while playing with a dollhouse, doesn't it? I wanted the three "cubbies" for furniture storage, tools and materials while I work on it this summer. Plus I figure the table can be used as a coffee table or bench down the line. I've got a little excess glue to clean up, screw holes to fill and then get some stain/finish on it - but not too bad for a weekend project, eh? I think the stained veneer grain is going to look great!

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