March 29, 2012

Curator's Code

I recently caught a piece on npr's "on the media" about the Curator's Code - the code is "a suggested system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery by making attribution consistent and codified, celebrating authors and creators, and also respecting those who discover and amplify their work. It's an effort to make the rabbit hole open, fair, and ever-alluring. This not about policing the Internet from a place of top-down authority, it's about encouraging respect and kindness among the community." - from

As a blogger I try my best to link and attribute all sources, and I love the idea of having an established shorthand for this process. I especially love the hat tip () as a way to credit the "middle-man" sources of a post - I don't do this often enough.

Coincidentally, I was just having a conversation with someone at work about how most of our architecture and interiors images that have been re-posted elsewhere on the internet are attributed, but there are a few that make no mention of us or where the image came from!

So. I for one will be making the pledge to be a better curator!

Awesome website design by the way....

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